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[Charlotte NC] Kiln needed for enamel artist at show



I am looking for an enamelist in the Charlotte area that could supply
a small kiln for demonstration purposes for a visiting artist from
Limoge France. If you have any contact please call me
at 800-847-3192

Thank you.
Jim Flood Bovano



If you don’t find an enamalist in the Charlotte area there are a
number of members in the NC society of goldsmiths here in the Raleigh
area who I’m sure would love to help. Please keep us posted about
this show. It sounds like something that the members would be
interested in attending. The web site for the guild is You can also send a message directly to their
members via a yahoo newsgroup at

Good luck
Larry Seiger


dear jim i am a goldsmith that just picked up a second home in
charlotte nc. is ther an area school or organization i should know

Wayne Werner