Charcoal heating

G’day The original message was about working with large sterling
pieces, like a heavy bracelet, and there was the excellent suggestion
that a simple coffee can charcoal kiln be used to provide widespread
heat. I’d like to add a little bit to Riccardo’s posting. He remarked
that this provides an oxygen reduced atmosphere. Not only does a
charcoal fire do that, but it produces hot carbon monoxide, which
itself is a very powerful reducing agent, and grabs the oxygen atoms
from many metal oxides to produce carbon dioxide, leaving purer metal.
Now everyone knows that carbon monoxide, CO, is poisonous, but don’t
let that put you off: the amount one would produce from a briefly
operated coffee can sized brazier would cause little harm in a
decently ventilated workplace. Just DON’T have a big brazier in the
studio with all the windows closed, and then doze off. Not unless you
don’t want to continue reading Orchid mails. Cheers,
John Burgess