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Channel Setting Using Three Princess-cut Stones

Carving and setting a cast channel setting
using three Princess-cut stones

An Over the Shoulder Tutorial DVD
with master diamond setter Gerry Lewy

Runtime: 53m 18s

In this 53 minutes video tutorial Gerry Lewy teaches how to make a
sterling silver pendant channel set with three princess cut CZ

Through the entire demonstration Gerry will share his thinking
through the process, he points out some common mistakes and how to
compensate for them. Gerry gives many interesting and useful small
tricks and tips on how he does things easier and on how he modifies
his tools.

What will you learn from watching this DVD?

You will learn how to use simple wax-carving tools that are already
in your bench. Explore the many uses of a wax-file. How to create
"Azure" pattern design, in the wax. You will learn how to use emery
paper on the wax-form for smoothing. And why dividers are so

You will see how important it is to accurately measure the
dimensions of the stone, the wax form and which graver to use when
and where. How to decide which high speed steel 90-degree
under-cutting bur to use, and where to use it! Furthermore, the
absolute necessity of a flat graver #40 in the art of
bright-cutting. You will see how to use an onglette graver in making
bearing-cuts in the wax form for the stones to rest in.

The most important step in using a reciprocating, power-hammer with
little effort for setting is revealed. Lastly, which pumice wheels
to use, where, when and what grade!

Gerry Lewy is the holder of the “Guinness World Record” for producing
the world’s most valuable Casino poker chip and he has more than 50
years experience on the bench. He started his 9-year apprenticeship
with a jewelry manufacturer in Toronto and was tutored by a diamond
setter, who himself was taught in Hatton Gardens, London England.
Gerry has redeveloped himself into more than a master setter; his
purpose is now to be a teacher of the art as well.