Changing the batteries in a Max Wax pen?

I have a Max Wax pen that runs on one AA battery. It has worked
well, but now the battery needs to be replaced. The end has become
very hard to turn. Which direction should allow the cap to come off?
I think I will have to put a lot of force into pulling it off, and I
would like to avoid breaking it if I can. Any suggestions?

If you hold the pen so that you are looking directly at the back end
of it - turn the end cap 1/4 turn counter clockwise then pull out.
There are just two small plastic tabs that align in a little channel
that holds the end piece in place. Is it possible that the cap is
already turned and now just needs to be pulled straight out?

Hope that will help.


“lefty loosy, righty tighty”

The opposite to the way you turn it to turn it on will unscrew the
base to replace the battery. If it’s hard to turn, I wonder if the
battery in there has leaked… be careful as you do it.


righty-tighty, lefty-loosie, I believe. Counter-clockwise to open.