Changing metal

Hi, I am soldering two pieces of metal that I think are nickle, they
were head pins. When I put the torch to them they turn copper, can
someone tell me what the metal really is! Thank you, Bari

Do they turn copper colored when the torch flame is on them or when
you fish them out of the pickle? If you can file a bit where it
wouldn’t show, what color is the metal?

Marilyn Smith

Marilyn, It is when I put the torch to the metal, by the way, I want
it to turn copper, but I ran out of the metal and can’t remember
what it was, nickle etc… and when I file it, it is copper still
any HELP!~!!! Thanks, Bari

Marilyn, It turns copper when the metal is heated and when I file it
the metal is copper, any help would be great!!! Thanks, Bari

It’s been a while and I forge what you were heating. Possibly the
item is copper. Silver can become copper plated while pickling. If
you thought the item was silver perhaps it was silver plate or even
electroplated copper or brass.