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Changing Extension Rolls

Just got a new Durston rolling mill. I have no idea how to change the extension roller. Need to change the top one. I need specific instructions. I would appreciate if anyone could help me. I live in Maine, USA.

I have a D130 with extension rollers. Go to an auto parts store and buy a three leg gear puller. Make sure it is the one with hooks that turn in. They come in lots of different sizes so use your eye based on the size of the roller and available space between it and the body of the mill. Read the directions and use it to pull the roller off. Be careful putting the roller or another one back on that you line up the groove in the roller with the key in the keyway. It is a very tight fit. Use a rubber mallet or piece wood and some other kind of steel hammer to very carefully pound the roller back on that you don’t make it an “Oh S*&t” moment. I haven’t looked lately, but you should go to the Durston website and see if there are instructions there for your specific mill. Others may have different ways to do this. Good luck…Rob

Thank you very much for your advice. I’m hoping there is an easier and cheaper way. Plus fearful of the " Oh S*&t factor.

Why do you need to remove it?

Here is a link to the type of puller that will work. Please note that you need make sure that it it is big enough to fit over the roller and that the hooks can get behind the roller between the roller and mill case.

I got one to make wider wire for bracelets, etc. but not sure how to take it off to change it. I can’t find any instructions anywhere.

Hi, have you tried contacting Durston? I found them very quick to respond and very helpful.

Thank you I should try to contact them.

I finally removed the Circlip. Hubbie had a ring remover pliers. They didn’t work though and i used a pair of swanstrom pliers. It took some time. I am still trying to figure out how to remove the extension roller. It looks like i need an allen wrench but cant find anything to fit. Waiting for replies from Durston.

Hi @micheybee -

You need a pair of circlip pliers. Straight ones are better than angled.

You should be able to purchase them from a car spares shop. In UK its halfords. Not sure about the USA.

These will spread the black circlip apart.

The extension roller should slide off.

Any problems / questions let me know.

Matthew Durston

Durston Tools

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thank you for your reply. I did manage to remove the Circlip. Hubbie had the pliers, but they did not work. I did get the circlip off with a pair longnosed pliers that are flat at the ends. I can’t seem to slide the extension roll off. Do i need to just wiggle it a little. or grease it.

Micheybee…When you go to the parts store to buy a pair of spring clip pliers, get the cheapest three leg gear remover that I described in an earlier post. That will pull off the extension rollers off…Rob.

Thank you all for your help. I did contact the seller who contacted the Durston company. I think using a gear puller was the last one. Fortunately it was solved before that. Simple leverage with screwdrivers on each side and a plastic mallet did the trick. Whew. Thanks again… Michelle

Be careful putting the rollers back on. It is a tight fit. Keep you plastic mallet handy…Rob