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Chain suppliers anyone?

I’m trying to find a wholesaler I can buy fairly small orders of
silver and maybe gold filled chains from. We called a company
listed in Lapidary Journal and they said they wouldn’t send us a
catalog unless we placed an order. Of course we could’t place an
order without a catalog so who needs unfriendly people like that.
Any friendly suppliers with good prices anyone knows,

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Crystalguy Jewelry
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Try Kamal Trading in Anaheim, CA. They can help you out and
will be much friendlier. Tammi

Try downeast trading in MIddlebury VT. I don’t know if they
have gold filled but they do sell sterling chains.

I’m trying to find a wholesaler I can buy fairly small orders of
silver and maybe gold filled chains from.

I’ve used Forslev’s Jewelry supply

They have some things listed at the site and you can order a
catalog there.

Chunk Kiesling

I have ordered from a company called Expressions, the phone # is
800-456-5350 and of course, there is also the old standbys of Rio
Grande and Indian Jewelers Supply. I have also bought at the Gem
and Jewelry show from a company called Sunshine but I don’t have
the number at hand. Good luck. Deb - in northern Illinois where
winter has finally arrived

I haven’t used these people yet, but I was really impressed with
their catalogue. They have chains in sizes (.8 mm) that I can’t
find up here in the Great White North (:0)) I will be placing an
order shortly, and would like to compare notes with anyone else
who has used them.

MS Company Inc., 
P.O. Box 298 Attleboro, 
MA 02703.  
tel 508-222-1770 / fax 508-222-6449
Tollfree 1-800-675-4657 / Email

They have a website which pales by comparison to their
catalogue, but will give you a hint at what they have:


Dianne Karg, B.A.A.I.D.
WRAPTURE wire jewellery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Dave, one of my favorite suppliers of chain is listed below,
mostly sterling, some vermeil. They have a low minimum, high
quality, fair selection, fair in their prices, and the salepeople
have a good command of the English language. You may have to pay
a few bucks to receive their catalog, but it’s worth it. K.P.

Azur Global Imports
10576 West Alameda, #1
Lakewood, CO   80226
FAX: 303/980-1407

Dave, If you are only wanting a few chains, but still want a
decent wholesale price, The Syeds company out of Atlanta, GA
might be a good source. They moved their sterling branch to
Florida and it operate under the name Sarrds (I think). Anyway
the number for gold filed chains is 1-800-527-5079 and the number
for sterling or mixed is 1-888-527-5217. I buy chains in quantity
and get a price on sterling of 49 cents per gram while buying
from Syeds I got 85 cents per gram.

I will be ordering chains in the near future and if you let me
know what you want and the quantity, I would not mind ordering
the extra for you at my price and forwarding them on (just ask
you to pay the postage above my price.) If anyone else knows a
better source, I am also open to that info. Thanks. jb

J. Byers

Try Cargo Hold and Metalliferous. Don’t know about gold fill,
but good selections of sterling.

For silver chain I use:

East West Exchange Inc
111South 8th St
Philadelphia PA 19106
(215) 625-3690  (888) 399-2464
FAX (215) 625-3699

They’re local to me, and they have better prices than most

Janet Kofoed

MMA International a.k.a. Silver Stars Collection out of Austin,
TX (gotta put in a plug for my fellow Austinites) sells sterling
silver and other silver based jewelry, call them at
1-800-531-5316 and request their catalogs; there is a $100
opening order minimum but after that there isn’t a minimum 10
months out of the year ($25 minimum in November and December).
Their catalogs are at retail and are meant to be used across the
counter as well, super folks!

Greg Fisher
Austin, TX.

We buy some of our chains, both sterling and gold filled, from
Tripp’s Mfg. 1-800-545-7962. We have been very happy with their
products and friendly service. Their volume discounts help alot
with the prices. Doc and Liz McKay from 9,700 ft. elevation in
the Rockies.

While we’re on the subject of chain suppliers–Does anyone know
where to get stainless steel chain?

   While we're on the subject of chain suppliers--Does anyone
know where to get stainless steel chain?  
Anchor-Clover Chain
560 Mineral Spring Ave
Pawtucket, RI 02860
(401) 726-0400

Pam East