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Chain supplier

Hi, all,

Can anyone recommend good chain suppliers? I’m looking for
suppliers with a large and varied selection in 14k, 18k, SS and
plat. I’ve been trying to get a credit line with Leslies since
November. They lost the first two apps I sent in and have still
not processed the third copy they’ve had since Feb. They also
don’t return phone calls. Stuller is OK for basic chains, but
I’d like more fancy chains.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


hi sharon, for sterling i just wouldn’t know. however, herco in
s.f. has a nice, but limited selection of platinum and 18k
chain. ed mar in new york has the nicest selection of platinum
chain i’ve seen (not that i’ve seen a lot). stuller chain is
wayyyyy expensive. h.m.s. in dallas is a good source for
standards as well as quality gold of cincinnatti. both these
suppliers tout next day service and delivers. quality gold
of cincinatti does also but if they have to b.o. watch out. they
all have 800 numbers.

geo fox

Hi Sharon,

We have been in business about 4 years and understand the
"credit application" problems. We are currently using Kim
Imports in Dallas, 800-275-5555 (credit in place); HMS Jewelry,
also in Dallas, 800-467- 4653 (COD, but credit app in process)
and Quality Gold of Cincinnati, 800-354-9833 (COD). Kim and Q
Gold have large catalogs, with finished rings, earings, charms
and chains. HMS is mainly chains and some earings. We’ve also
used Ron de Mar, Philadelphia, 800-258-1110; and CG Creations,
NY, 800-431-1606. They were OK, but were both COD and had one of
them had a $250+ minimum. We found Stuller (our main supplier
for everything else) priced high and we were not pleased with the
quality. We also have a credit app in process with Leslie.
Hope- fully they won’t loose ours. Also, Kim has a good
selection of sterling and will take credit cards. Another good
SS place is Plum Island, 800- 543-7177, in Mass. They take
credit cards and have a nice catalog. As far as platinum, the
only one that comes to mind is Herco, San Fran, 800-227-3223.
We have the catalog, but have never tried to use them. The
selection looks very good (14K, 18K, Plat).

Hope this info helps…

Jim Papuga

PS…HMS offers lifetime warranty like Leslie.

Speaking of chains…I am new to all this so forgive my
ignorance of jargon…I am looking for a tubular mesh chain
about 8-10 guage made of nonprecious metals. Does this sound
familar to anyone and if so could you let me know the

                                            Thanks      T.

I think you’re talking about chains I’ve seen and bought (in
silver, although they also have them in bronze) at Metaliferrous
in NYC. I think they have a catalog. 34 w 46th, 212-944-0909.
Doesn’t go by guage but by mm though.

Sharon: Check out Efune (pronounced F’une) Brothers Inc., Dallas,
Texas. Their telephone number is 1.800.356.0475. They are
direct importers of 14kt and 18kt Italian chain. I am very
familiar with the quality of the products and the reputation of
the company. If you call give them my name and tell them you a
responding from the Internet.

What is Bo to look out for???calgang

I agree they have a hugh suppply… I do believe they have a
catalog…They let you walk around and see all the things he has
behind and outside the counter and their chains are all on the
wall to look at etc… Great fun and great service and