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Chain making book

Hi Andrew etc, several have been interested in chain. The book I was
referring to is one I worked with when doing my apprenticeship. It is
the original chainmakers book with dozens of genuine patterns and
instructions. It was published over 100 years ago our copy is tucked away
in Dunedin when I go down later this month to see the Guggenheim I will dig
it out and scan as much as I can for any and all to use. Sorry I can’t get
it quicker but my Dad is to busy to find it.

        PH 64 3 4421288 FAX 64 3 4421488

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Dear Sir… I would be most interested in copies of your chain making
book… Have you seen Jean Starks new chain book… PS glad to pay for the
copies if necessary…

Hi Gerald

I am very interested in this book. It would be great if you could scan as
many pages as is humanly possible.

Why is it that other manufacturers have better equipment and books than I
have. I have spent a fortune over the last 10 years, when will it end?

I look forward to your scans.