Chain Loops (was: More questions)

I also have some questions. I don’t know if anyone does any work
with with beads (or are you guys past that?) but, I am making
alot of Y chains right now. Because I am using alot of small
faceted crystal, I am spending to much time makeing the loops on
each end of my pins. I have to make them very small and I keep
dropping them. I can’t seem to get a good hold of them. I use
round plyers (?) and a flat plyer to hold with. Even though I
use small tipped plyers, I also have problems getting the loop
close enough to the bead and nice and round. It has become really
tedious work.

Dear Phyllis,

when making loops, try this:

  1. eyepin = o
  2. eyepin with bead = oO----
  3. bend eyepin = oO/
  4. now use the round nose to make a loop oOo nice and tidy!

The trick is to bend the wire at the bead first (you can use
your fingers or the needle nose pliers) so the place where the
wire end meets to form the loop is nicely centered over the bead,
and the loop is tight to the bead.

“Lapidary Journal” has about beading with wire all the
time. If you are having trouble forming loops, you might consider
using a softer wire. Or, use a fatter wire and drill or ream the
beads out so they will have larger holes.

-ieva swanson