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Chain Loops/ liver of sulphur ( Was: More questions)


In a message dated 96-12-19 13:15:38 EST, you write:

Because I am using alot of small faceted crystal, I am
spending to much time makeing the loops on each end of my
pins. I have to make them very small and I keep dropping
them. I can’t seem to get a good hold of them. I use round
plyers (?) and a flat plyer to hold with. Even though I use
small tipped plyers, I also have problems getting the loop
close enough to the bead and nice and round. It has become
really tedious work.

Hi, Phyllis,

I have some diagrams I drew with instructions on how to make
good round, centered loops on jewelry pins. Also have
instructions for loops using wire. If you email me your
address, I will send them to you.

Or, check out Lapidary Journal. Kate Drew-Wilkinson usually
has a “how-to” article in the brown pages every month. I
learned the techniques in one of her classes a couple years
ago. She often has diagrams of how to make loops in her
Lapidary Journal articles.

One of the main “secrets” is to start by bending the pin
into a right angle. Make the angle about 3/8 of an inch from
the top of the pin. After you learn the technique you will be
able to judge how close to the end of the pin to make the 90
degree angle. Using the roundnose pliers, roll the short end
of the pin in one continuous motion until the loop is about
70-80% closed. Adjust your pliers and roll the loop shut.

Here’s where nothing but experience will teach you. You
have to learn where on the pin to make the 90 degree angle,
and what part of the round nose pliers to use to make the
loop. If you can get these two things right, you will have a
perfect loop.

It helps me, after I make the right angle, to hold the pin
in my left hand with the thumb nail in the inside corner of
the angle. Also, position the pin so the head is down and
the short bend is facing toward you. This will have you
rolling (turning) the roundnose pliers away from you to make
the loop.

Another hint: As you are rolling the pliers away from you,
forming the loop, put a slight downward pressure on the
motion so that you keep the 90 degree angle in tact) and you
will end up with a perfect loop! (With practice, that is!
:o) )

I am not familiar with liver of sulphur powder. Mine is in
chunks that I have to break up. Make sure you keep it air
tight. I was advised to keep a small amount in a small,
light safe container. That way you won’t accidentally ruin
your whole bunch if moisture gets in it.

There are several ways to use LOS. I am sure you will be
getting other posts on this. I heat water to almost boiling.
I work in very small quanities, so in about a cup of hot
water I drop a small chunk of LOS. You can either dip you
pieces in it, or brush it on. Make sure your metals are
clean. I use Comet cleanser or amonia.

To stop the coloring rinse in cold water. Wear gloves and
try not to inhale the fumes.

Hope this helps. Good luck