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Chain Books [Was: Amy O'Connell/books]

Jean Stark has a book on ancient chains. Many are done with
either fine silver or 22 K gold and the links are fused and then
woven. She also covers some soldering and terminations. It may
be out of print - but just barely and copies are around - even
Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.

Hi - I’m so excited to be able to contribute something -

   CLASSICAL LOOP -IN -LOOP CHAINS - and their derivatives 
   By Jean Reist Stark and Josephine Reist Smith
   Chapman and Hall -International Thomson Publishing

I know Jean having been fortunate enough to take some workshops
with her -she’s a great teacher and a very nice lady

I just followed your link to the page of the new publisher
(Klewer bought Chapman) of Stark’s book. The new outrageous
price for this 160-page paperback is $61.95 US. I think
that if Ms. Stark wishes to sell many more of her books, she
should try to change publishers!

I ordered my copy of Jean Stark’s book from
Ordered on Thurs-had it on Sat. It’s expensive anywhere you
get it but IMHO well worth it! I’m having a ball trying
different chains and her advice about fusing instead of
soldering proved invaluable. Pat in hazy, hot and humid