Chain book

Hi and many thanks to all who answered my query on where to get
Jean Stark’s chain book

This is a GREAT site.


Once upon a time, many years ago in the Cleveland Public Library, I
stumbled upon a little book called, I believe, “Chains”. It had
some of the most interesting chain patterns, and other uses for
links of various shapes, that I ever saw. I’ve started looking for
good old books again, and can’t find any reference to this one
anywhere. Does anybody know anything about it?

Earthly Wealth

I have a copy of Chain & Beads by Greta Pack, Instructor, Art
Department, Cass Technical Highschool, Detroit, Michigan. 1951. Van
Nostrand Company. Paid $2.95, marked down from $3.95, many years ago
at a wonderful used book store in downtown Cleveland called Kay’s.
Much useful in the book. The book is also a small one.
Hope this helps.