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Chain Book


“Classical Loop-In-Loop Chains: and their derivatives”. $44.95<<.

I’m interested in this book, but if it only has a few kinds of “loop in
loop” (ie. Etruscan chain patterns) is it worth $44.95? Could those of you
who have seen it describe it in a little more detail? Thanks… Susan


“Classical Loop-In-Loop Chains: and their derivatives”

Hi Susan,

The referenced book is a 190 page, 8 1/2 X 11" paper back book. It’s
divided into 9 chapters & an appendix.

The chapters are:
1 Origins & Applications of Loop-in Loop Chains, 3 pages
2 General Information, 18 pages, tools, techniques & materials
3 Single Loop-in-Loop Chains, 23 pages, instructions for 5 chains
4 Pinched Loop Chains, 20 pages, inst. for 5 chains
5 Double Loop-in-Loop Chains, 23 pages, inst. for 5 chains
6 Multi-Directional Loop-inLoop Chains, 25 pages, inst. for 9 chains
7 Multiple Soldered Loop-in-Loop Chains, 22 pages, inst. for 6 chains
8 Multiple Woven Loop-inLoop Chains, 25 pages, inst for 4 chains
9 Clasps & Terminations, 25 pages, inst. for 10 C & Ts
Appendix, 9 pages, 10 topics
Glossary, 3 pages

The book contains many black & white photos of finished items & lots of
’how to’ drawings. All the photos & drawings are very good. The drawings &
photos are placed in logical places & the instructions for each of the
chains are very good.

All in all, I’d say the book is very well done & would make a valuable
addition to any chainmakers library. You’ll have to decide for yourself if
it is worth the price.



dear Susan Yes it 's worth it… Lots of info.