CERF Needs Your Input

CERF Field Inquiry Survey
February, 2004

Dear Craft Artist,

CERF needs your input. This year, we are conducting a “craft artist
inquiry” that includes the following survey, interviews, and focus

Your thoughts and opinions are very valuable to us. Please take just
a few minutes to respond to our quick online survey by March 15. All
survey is completely confidential.

Please go to http://intercom.virginia.edu/SurveySuite/Surveys/CERF
answer the questions, and click the “submit” button. If this link is
not active in your email program, simply go to the CERF web site,
www.craftemergency.org and click the survey button.

If you have an email list of craft artists please forward this
message to them.

Your input will ensure that CERF’s future plans reflect your needs
and interests. CERF has served professional craft artists with
emergency relief support since 1985. Over that time, we have assisted
over 400 professional craft artists with more than $500,000 in loans
and grants, and with close to $100,000 in other services.

While CERF will continue to expand and improve its emergency relief
support to craft artists, our mission - to help sustain and
strengthen the careers of professional craft artists - compels us ask
what else we can do to support craft artists’ careers.

We thank you in advance for your time and effort in completing this
survey. We value our relationship with you and we look forward to
hearing back from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Cornelia Carey
Executive Director