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Ceramitation - Eliminating Bubbles

Hello All:

We purchased “Ceramitation” in a variety of colours from Gesswein
recently and are having problems eliminating bubbles from the
pigment/catalyst mixture. The two components have been mixed slowly
and as an added precaution, we have degassed the mixture in a vacuum
chamber prior to putting into a syringe and yet tiny bubbles are
still occurring in the syringe which are in turn transferred to the
piece being “enameled”. I have searched the archives under
"Ceramitation" but there seems no regarding this problem
which we are presently experiencing. If there is anyone out there
who has experienced a similar problem with this product and been
able to solve it or just anyone who may know what we’re doing wrong,
it would be great hearing from you.

Many thanks in advance.
David Tranter
Aurum Design
Cape Town
South Africa

Hi David,

I’ve spoken with the manufacturer. They say the most common reasons
for bubbles is not letting the mixture sit long enough after mixing.
The instructions say to mix it and let it sit at room temperature in
an open container for at least 2 hours up to 4 hours. At that point
you should be able to put it into the syringe and go.

If your environment is humid, you’ll need to let the mixture stand
for the full 4 hours.

You may already be doing this but your note doesn’t say. If you are
doing this and still getting bubbles, can you please email me your
exact procedure so I can relay that to the manufacturer.

Best Regards,
Elaine Corwin
Gesswein Co. Inc.
Fax: 203-335-0300

The usual recommendation for getting bubbles out of a two component
polymer is vacuuming, but this sometimes boils the mixture and makes
more bubbles. To eliminate this problem I have found it better to
pressurize the mixture and cure under pressure… I use a painters
pressure pot for this These can pressure up to 100 psig.this reduces
the bubble size and collapses them into the cured resin.