Ceramic Enamel

Hey Everyone,

I’m an enamelist, having worked with hot since college - now 10 years later, I have a contract to enamel some pieces but the client is worried about hardness. After explaining his requirements for durability I admit using traditional hot enamel might not be the best choice. I know ceramic enamels have been used for some time, with recent developments by Taffin and the like, making them much more than just paint. Does anyone have any info on these hard wearing ceramics? My due diligence research has left me empty handed.

Thanks all!

Hello Daniel,
I am NOT an experienced enamelist, but I attended a lecturer where the speaker worked to restore enamel badging for classic cars. She worked to replicate badges that were still in good condition found elsewhere on the car, or on the same model that were intact. The badges often were left exposed on the cars stored outdoors for much of their existance, and lasted in some cases close to 100 years. I am wondering if your commission would allow for using the non-precious alloys used in auto badging with the appropriate enamels (perhaps those for steel??) and then bezel set the piece in precious metal… just a thought.

It might be helpful to know the scope and application for the project. Jewelry? Public art? Indoors or out? There are many fine examples of kiln fir3ed enamels used in public art pieces that have lasted for decades (with some maintenance).

Below is a good article regarding the work of Fred Ball:


A fun and informative romp regarding long lasting watch dials made by high end manufacturers can be found on YouTube and with a general google search. Same for jewelry.