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Ceramic and such vs. Enamels - Ceramit

Mike, I just got to your posting, but I wanted to reply since I just
got myself a Ceramit kit to experiment with. I am interested in
using color in my work, but I don’t have the experience in
enamelling. I have even spoke with many great Orchid folks regarding
working with them to enamel for me. I have since put the enamel part
on hold, as it seemed to have restrictions I couldn’t deal with. I
just bought the Ceramit, and have only played with it a few times.
What I noticed is that it doesn’t adhere to corners or curves as
well, but they acknowledge that and suggest a special procedure for
that. When it cures, I have noticed the color is not an even
saturation. This could be my fault, I don’t know. It is messy and
sticky, and kind of tricky to use. Once you have painted the pieces
you cure them in the oven to dry. I am doing an all-over color, so I
had to be clever in making a whole clotesline type thing to hang my
pieces on - where I can paint them, and then pop the whole thing in
the oven. All in all, I don’t think it is the way to go for long
lasting use, and was interested in the posting that said these colors
shrink over time, but I will use it to sample ideas out.

Good luck to you, and hope this helps.