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Centrifugal casting splashing

Thanks for the welcome.
Can somebody help with this problem please. My spring driven casting machine is splashing.
I am casting medallions (220g 7.7oz) in silicone bronze .i only wind 11/2 winds as they are largish casts. Also a big sprue leading into the cast. Every time I let it go it splashes on the left side of the flask. The spin is anticlockwise so the splash is on the left side of the flask .
Prior to cast I set the balance correct. Also the crucible lines up centrally . Any advice greatly appreciated

Is it splashing out from the crucible or between crucible and flask? When I’ve had this happen, it was because the arms on the casting machine were slightly torqued and the sprue opening wasn’t truly lined up with the hole in the crucible. Metal was hitting the wall of the button forming area and slinging back out. The cradle for the flask can be distorted as well. Make sure the hole in the crucible isn’t blocked by excess flux glass too. If that’s not heated and melted out, the metal can’t leave the crucible in a straight line.


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The only time i’ve ever had a catastrophic flask cast was when I had the flask arm on the opposite side of its L position. And I have an extra 24" tall containment extension that caught everything. Let’s say, THAT never happened again.


Is that all the closer the crucible will slide toward the ring?

Does your machine have a broken arm?

Apologies for length of time in reply and thanks for information and taking the trouble to help with my issue.
I solved it by increasing the size of the sprue leading in and by increasing the header size by taking a wax from a larger rubber base and welding that in place before attaching medallion on.I didn’t want to use where the wax was taken due to unnecessary amount of material due to larger flask size.I believe the main sprue that I welded the medallions on was far to was the same size as from the wax injector. A very basic mistake to make. Cheers ,and and now my only other problem is my dewaxing kiln is ramping up to fast . Got an electrician sorting it today. Happy casting

Hope I get this right, I’m uploading an example of the medallions I am making. They are 250 grams (8.8ozs) and are at the top size I have been putting through the centrifuge and too swallow to put through a normal gravity ceramic shell cast(upload://nXXWeBb29Rxp2Kh8BlWifhaY5oX.jpeg)