Centrifugal casting machine side spillage

Hello Mareknapora and all Orchid Members I just read your issues
with your Chinese made Centrifugal Casting Machine, sorry to hear
that. I have seen a couple of the casting machines that are Copy’s
of the KERR machine that are made in China and the quality is So
Bad. My Company LUCAS DENTAL CO. manufactures centrifugalcasting
machines in the USA SINCE 1930 and we do sell andship International
which includes Poland. You can find our Contact in the
FEATURED PRODUCTS SECTION above. Look at our #750 "Giant"Long Arm
Casting Machine which I believe would be perfect for you. Contact us
directly for prices and shipping Sincerely, Richard
Lucas, owner.

To all:

I have to add a comment here.

I started centrifugal casting with a Lucas spin caster in 1971.

I still use parts of that first machine.

This is by far the best spin casting machine made.

Two additional bits of

Richard on his new machine built in a quick release lever. This has
been a well-guarded secret of spin casters for along time.

When the metal is ready to cast and looks good, the quicker delivery
delivers a better cast. I can guarantee it. It’s also safer not
having your hand inside the machine when releasing the arm to cast.

If you are having a problem with white gold vacuum casting, many
switch back to spin casting for the best results.

Of the three master casters I had the privilege of learning from,
all had modified the spinner to have a quick release lever. Again
this was not shared knowledge.

I bought my first new machine from Richard recently and was not

He now sell direct and the price is cut in about half. What else
could you ask for?

I’ve seen the Chinese units and have not used one, but would never
change what has worked so well for me for so many years.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson

Thanks for all replies, especialy to Todd Hawkinson and Brian.

Yes, broken-arm is in “fully broken” position before i release the
spring. Flask and crucible are as far back and close togheter -
everything as it should be.

When I said that broke-arm is reaching stop-pin i didnt mean the pin
that stops machine from spinning, but there are pins cast into the
arm - where the broken-arm pivot point is. They stop broken-arm from
turning more then 90degree in one way and about 15degree past
straight in the other way. I am thinkin about grinding them slightly
so broken-are could go more then 15degrree the other way - so it
will not reach that point when released. This is where I think the
problem occurs. When broken-are swings it goes past straight point
and reaches this stopping point and some of the molten metal jumps
out of the crucible left wall. If it would not reach this stopping
point but stop on its own I think this would not happen.

The spill is only on the left crucible wall, sprue base is good-
nothing happens there. crucible is close to flask and there is no
spilage also.

You are both right about crucible. The on I have is similar to Kerr
2,5oz crucible(not the smalles one) but it looks more shallow and
have thinker walls then genuine Kerr or Wesgo crucibles. I was also
thinking about getting bigger one like 7oz that Todd Hawkinson shown
but they have differen mounting system. Is it possible to grind it to
fit standard crucible carraige or I have to buy/fabricate holder for
bigger crucibles? -

To Todd Hawkinson and all Orchid Members Hello Todd and thank you
for your generous input regarding the LUCAS Centrifugal Casting
Machines. All Orchid Members can see the LUCAS Centrifugal Casting
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either of the above sites. Thank you for your time, Sincerely,
Richard Lucas

Getting the proper size crucible is essential. I have a Neycraft
centrifuge, and had purchased some new crucibles, reported to be
Neycraft. Nay, not so. During one casting period, the dang thing fell
out of the cradle just as I was ready to begin the spin. Fortunately,
it landedopen side up, so there was no spillage of the molten metal,
and using my tongs I was able to get it back into place, resumed
melting the silver, and finished the casting.

On examining the crucible, and comparing it with the older ones I
could seethat the"nose" was not shaped the same as the older genuine
ones, hence did not fit as firmly as it should. I contacted the
seller, and he admitted that the ones he had were probably rip-offs,
and not genuine Neycraft. He then said, all I wouldneed to do is
modify the “nose,” and they should work just fine.

I was not about to take a chance with them, so junked them, and was
able to get the genuine Neycraft crucibles, and have not had any


They used to call us the “Casters of Disaster” right?

Most of the time you have to grind the crucible to fit.

Take a stone wheel on your polisher and slowly grind it to fit. If
you have dust collector to collect the stuff ground off the crucible
is good.

I even made a new track for the crucible to slide into.

Don’t be afraid to make everything fit.

The size of the crucible I recommend is almost the same as the one
you are using.

Don’t change a lot of things in your process, just the crucible.

Let us know.
Todd Hawkinson

Could your spillage be caused from too high of wind up of the arm? I
would consistently, when melting large amounts of metal, have
spillage until I lowered the windup of the arm. The can still
completely fills with the lower rpm.

Doug MacLeod

Hi guys

I just wanted to say that problem is solved.

With the new crucibles everything was the same. So I slightly
modified the broken arm of my machine - like I was saying. It can go
like 10 degrees past straight and there is stop pin built into it.
So I ground some of it and now arm can go like 20-25 and the problem
is gone.

The problem was then you released machine to spin, broken are
straightens and goes past straight(normal) but it was hitting its
stopping point which made molten metal to go over side of the
crucible. Now when I let the machine spin it doesnt happen.

Thanks for all help and interest