Centrifigal vs Vacumn

This discussion about the merits of centrifigal vs vacumn is very interesting.
I’ve gotten lots of good ideas from it.

It points out the fact that BOTH methods will do an outstanding job provided the
craftsperson knows what they’re doing & follows the directions. Many an
experience person has their own ‘pet’ way of doing something, but that was
learned by experience. It seems to me the easiest & most trouble free path to a
given objective for the novice is by careful study & application of what you’ve

Then after you’ve gained some experience (maybe a bit more knowledge also) you
can begin to think about ‘doing it your way’. Remember, there were an awful lot
of folks that went before you that were successful with both methods. Only a
poor craftsman blames his tools!

Actually which way is better (for you) may depend on many things not related to
the quality of the finished piece, assuming both process produce acceptable

That’s my $.02 worth.