Central Florida Teaching Studio

Hi everyone! My name is Barb Lange and I own a teaching studio in a little tourist town in Central Florida, Mount Dora. This year I am celebrating 10 years but more importantly I’m so proud of my students helping me make it through all the COVID restrictions. I love teaching and have the best students!

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Hi Barbara
It’s great to learn and read about your school & studio.
Even with this “Covid madness“ that’s going on, you are doing a good job in teaching.
Ganoksin is a wonderful and a growing community. There is so much that’s offered here.
Have a good weekend, eh?

“Gerry, on my iPhone”

Hi Barb from Altamonte Springs, just off 43sh*t


I live in Altamonte Springs, FL too! I just want to mention that I have taken several classes from Barb at her studio in beautiful Mt. Dora. She is a very popular and highly skilled teacher who makes really exceptional jewelry. Her studio is wowzer!

I’m by Lake Orienta elementary school. Near Maitland Blvd and Maitland Ave, intersection. I’ve been down for nearly 3 years with a bad reaction to an antibiotic that attacks your joints blowing out your tendons, shredding ligaments and eroding bone. I’ve had three surgeries so far, and at least two more needed. Good news, I can walk again and I’m building strength.

I would like to meet you, and could do it at any of the places around us. Lots I can teach you.


Aggie.p, would you mind sharing the name of the antibiotic that caused such traumatic response. I know this is off topic, but would like to avoid using it in the future. Thanks.

It’s a family of antibiotics called fluoroquinolone. The big one are cipro used mostly for urinary tract infections. In 2013 the whole family of them were deemed as a drugs of last resort. I was working on a movie in TN. the fall of 2018. Being a civil war movie I just had to get a civil war disease called dysentery. I landed in the hospital within 2 days. They pumped me full of IV cipro. The side effects started within 24 hours. It took about 2 months for my ankle to fully be blown out. Then the shoulder, my hips are iffy at this point, and my knee has to be replaced. My back is shot.

Now it is not so simple as if you take the drug you will have this happen. I had the perfect storm of problems underlying it. I have Hasimoto’s thyroid problem. I also have Roseacea. Being on long term treatment for both, meant I had a build up both the synthroid, and low dose oreacea. Put those with the IV cipro, it triggered the cascade of side effects. The doctor and the phramacist at the hospital should have known to look up what I was taking given the drug and it’s warnings before giving me that darn IV.

The shoulder surgery was also a problem. The surgeon didn’t do a pre operative Dexa scan. When he tried to screw the shoulder back together after doing what later turned out to be half the job, the bone crumbled. He ended up opening me up old fashioned way and creating an anchor out of bone. Of the three screws he had tried, one got left in my shoulder free floating in the soft tissue. moving my shoulder had the screw doing what it does, I was screwed and not the fun way. My hubby said it proved I had a screw loose. I didn’t know this, until 11 months after. I did 5 months of the worst most painful PT. I spent that year in bed under ice packs and got a medical pot card. I don’t like the pot drops they taste like manure and I wouldn’t use it. If you want pain pills, they think you are a mental case. Finally a new surgeon the Physical Therapist recommended did another MRI. You could see the screw on the pictures. It was a philips head screw. He went in and cleaned up the damage and and did the rest of the repair that wasn’t done the first time. 6 days later I’m back in the hospital with blood clots. I missed the pandemic. My Hemotologist told me not to get vaccinated. Yet at PT I was exposed 4 times. Never got the covid. My blood is one they have collected a couple times to do studies. Only good thing to come out of all of this.

Moral of all this. Know what drugs you take and what their interactions with other drugs are. Check out your doctors, and find out if they have any negative reviews and why. Today most doctors will still prescribe cipro like candy. Leviquin is another. Know the family of antibiotics and have a full list of them with you. Before taking them have them check for interactions. I’m not alone in having a reaction to it all.

I took Levaquin (levafloxacin), same class of drug, for pneumonia and it did an awesome job for that and nailed all my upper respirator problems but it took 9 months for my leg muscles to stop aching! Never again.