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Central Europe Jewelry Attractions


I’m planning a trip to Eastern Europe (Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest,
Vienna and Prague) in the fall. I would greatly appreciate any
on special galleries or jewelry exhibits in those areas.

Thanks in advance,
Karen Strauss


when visiting Vienna I strongly recommend to visit Galerie Slavik
http://www.galerie-slavik.comand Galerie V&V contemporary jewelry.

If you are interested in historical jewelry design too, you should
not miss to see:

  • MAK (Museum fFCr Angewandte Kunst) Museum of Arts and Crafts -
    they have got a very remarkable collection of Art Nouveau jewelry and
    silverware, and also glass, furniture, Textiles, ceramics, etc.
    (“Wiener Werkstette”),

  • the “Schatzkammer” the Habsburg treasury of the late Emperors,

  • “Kunsthistorisches Museum” Museum of History of Arts (Cellini’s

  • “Volkerkunde-Museum” Museum of Ethnology.

They all have very rich collections of jewelry and Arts, really
worth to see. They all habe a website where you can check opening
times, entrance fees, etc.

Now living near Munich, I have been born in Vienna, and whenever I
go there I never miss to see at least the two galleries and the MAK.

Have a nice trip !


Dear Karen!

Vienna jewellery galleries and museums of special interest:

Galerie Slavik

Galerie V&V

Schmuckwerkstatt’Sto im Himmel’

All three galleries are situated in the heart of Vienna,one of the
loveliest parts of the city and,of course,the oldest…

Our Museums:

Museumsquartier (Modern) Art Scene in general,wonderful ambiance and
entourage -Cooperations with different Arts as for example ‘Austrian
Fashion Week’ where you can meet a lot of interesting jewellery
designers, Studios…a link to inform you:

MAK Modern Design and special exhibitions concerning jewellery
design;I think they also have a permanent collection of jewellery
design and a design shop featuring comtemporary austrian jewellery

Kunsthistorisches Museum Jewellery History

Schatzkammer Jewellery History

There are other galleries and museums too,they sometimes have
exhibitions focused on jewellery as for instance Kunsthalle
Wien,Kunsthaus Wien,Volkskundemuseum,but it is dependent on their
annual exhibition programs.

That’s all for now. If you need any further please inform

If I am not on a trip myself in autumn, I’ll be glad to show you

Best regards
Sigrid Schneider