Censoring Posts

I find some statements on a recent thread disturbing.

Orchid members are adults, and should be expected to behave as adults.

No member should try to control the views or polite speech of another.

Comments along the lines of ‘this thread needs to stop or I’m quitting the forum’ is an attempt to control another member with a threat. Sorry, that isn’t acceptable. No one should get to control what someone else says, or control what others may have the opportunity to read.

If a person dislikes the content of a specific thread that person has two very effective, adult ways to respond. 1) Stop reading it! 2) If you can’t do that, at least stop posting to it so that a) it can die from lack of interest, and b) so it doesn’t invite a reply. Trying to make another person obey one’s wishes via threats is not acceptable. NOT ACEPTABLE.

Name calling is also unacceptable. I’m not going to cite any examples, but characterizing an opinion or a person by using a denigrating term or expression is insulting, pretty much by intent. Some careful thought could result in a more mature way of expressing one’s views than resorting to name calling or insulting characterizations.

The above two behaviors are a form of aggression, the goal being to force one’s views on another, and THEY ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

If you don’t like reading someone’s posts, DON’T READ THEM. If you think they are wrong and you can express your reasons maturely, then please do so, otherwise do not resort to aggressive, insulting characterizations and name calling. Less than mature expression should be considered an invalid response on an adult forum.

As to removing a thread, which basically is an attempt to rewrite history, and suggests that a mature, responsible adult’s ideas, respectfully written deserves to be erased…that is a real insult, and even an assault on that person’s right to express views.

Even if an expressed view is out of line, even by a wide margin, I think it is better to leave that on the forum. Let people who come across it arrive at their own judgement regarding the post or that author.

If maturely stated views by an Orchid member, any orchid member, are allowed to be subject to name calling, disrespectful characterization, threats, temper tantrums, or censorship then Orchid will be diminished.


I appreciate everyone’s views on this, and candidly, disagreements are an expected part of any social media. Some people will find other people’s communication style to be objectionable, and I agree with @neil_a3 that they should move on to other threads and disengage if that is the case.

@leah-ganoksin-admin shut off the previous thread, and I think made the correct call. It had devolved into territory that was clearly not constructive. It won’t be deleted, but it didn’t need to continue.

To be clear, I view Orchid as a place to discuss the creation of jewelry and any topic attendant thereto. It is an appropriate place to express your opinions about suppliers should you wish to do so. Just keep in mind that many, many suppliers are also Orchid members or readers. They may wish to respond, and are free to do so publicly or privately at their discretion. I don’t censor customer feedback, even if I find it objectionable, ill-conceived or unwarranted.

However. Orchid is NOT a forum for hosting and adjudicating disputes between suppliers and customers. He said/she said is not constructive, and once it becomes clear a thread has devolved into that, we will close the thread. Likewise, Orchid is not meant to host “uncivilized” discourse… name calling being one example of such. In general, we default to letting things go moreso than we default to heavy-handed moderation, so in most cases we let threads continue unless things get completely out of hand. I don’t want to be making judgements about what is and is not civilized, but if things get out of hand, I have no choice but to step in. In general, I like that to be rare, and I am aware that may cause some to feel things are a bit “harsher” than they might like sometimes. It’s a tradeoff.

I will say however, as I’ve said many times before. Orchid is a public forum. It’s alive on the interweb forever. You can’t take back what you say, because part of the magic of Orchid is that we are preserving these discussions for future generations to learn from. Your reputation will outlive you (we all know certain Orchid members who are no longer with us who are an example of this)…


Well said all.

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It is my opinion that name calling and bullying should not be a part of this forum. I appreciate how this group is monitored and run. Sometimes the discussions go beyond being courteous and respectful but overall it’s a wonderful group. I am a member of another jewelry online group where name calling and rudeness are ‘par for the course’. So, Seth, I appreciate the daunting task of running a world wide forum. Keep up the good work.