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Celtic knot jewelry

For awhile I have been wanting to try to make some Celtic knot
jewelry, but I am unsure how to go about it and what techniques
to use. If there is anyone out there in orchid land who does
this type of work, I would love to have a small primer on the
Scott Steward

Hi there:

Celtic knotwork is my specialty. Check out my web page at and see what I do.
Tomorrow when I have some free time I’ll give you some hints.

Laura Evans

Scott, My experience with Celtic knotwork is limited to
calligraphy - but I can offer a word of advice concerning design.
If you learn the mathematical principles behind knotwork you’ll
be able to create your own patterns (as opposed to simply copying
something out of an old illustration.) George Bain is the man who
rediscovered these principles, back in the early fifties. His
1951 “Celtic Art - the methods of construction” is the classic
how-to book on knotwork design. It’s available from Dover
Publications, Inc. in paperback for $8.95. The ISBN number is
0-486-22923-8. Hope this is helpful (even if it’s not what you
were after…) -Pete-

Hi Scott,

I dabble with Celtic jewellery a little and I have played with
knotwork. My computer’s a little ‘lame’ at the moment but if you
email me in a couple of weeks, I’ll try and cobble something
together during the Christmas break… Meanwhile, try your local
library for any of the following books:

Celtic Art the methods of construction. - George Bain
Celtic Design Knotwork - Aidan Meehan
Celtic Design A Biginner’s Manual - Aidan Meehan
How to draw Celtic Knotwork A practical Handbook - Andy Sloss

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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Bain is WONDERFUL!! But … I found the mathematical
explanations in the Aidan Meehan books, specifically “Celtic
Design: Knotwork: The Secret Method of the Scribes”, i.e. the
mathematical and philosophical basis of the methods used. IMHO,
Meehan’s explanations are simpler, but much more complete, if
such a thing is possible! In addition to “Knotwork”, there are
several in the “Celtic Design:” series: “A beginner’s Manual”,
“Spiral Patterns”, “The Dragon and the Griffin”, “Maze
Patterns”, “Illuminated Letters”, and “The Tree of Life”. All
are published by Thames and Hudson. Any good bookstore should
be able to order them, or at least get you the ISBN on them.

There is also a “Celtic Design” home page at:
This should describe the books, and give the ISBN as well.

For a historical perspective, try “Celtic Art” by Ruth and
Vincent Megaw, also published by Thames and Hudson, 1989, New
York, NY, ISBN 0-500-27585-8. The 1996 paperback edition is
about thirty bucks, but well worth it.

Thanks for letting me put in my two-cents’-worth!

PS – An earlier version of this may have been posted
accidentally. My pardons, if it was.

Marrin Fleet
Memphis, TN

Hi Scott:

Would you email me directly, so I can write you back about what
how I do what I do?