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Cc's and shows

Hi! I can tell you that my experience has been increased sales since I
began taking cc. I find that 25-60% of my show sales are with cc. I
know that there are still many who don’t accept them, but I feel that
it has definitely helped me.

Shop around for a merchant account. Here in Ohio, members of the Ohio
Arts and Crafts Guild get excellent rates on a merchant account deal
arranged by the Guild with Discover. Perhaps something similar exists
wherever you are!

Good luck!
Sharon Beadecked and Beaddicted Akron, OH

Hi all! We began to take CC at the local Flea Market (we do not do
shows) and our customer base inreased right away! We do it the
"Cheapest way" by calling in for verification, then keying in at
home. Works fabulous! Also, on another note, to all of you that
responed to my question about channel setting books/videos, Thank
You! Lydia Mistress Jewelry