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Cataracts and benchwork

Hi Susanna and all,

I have been diagnosed as the proud owner of cataracts as well. I am
only 47.

If I could attribute this annoyance to one cause alone, it would be
welding platinum. Not that we don’t get high u.v. light from other
sources, but my vision really went downhill following a couple of
years of voluminous platinum work using goggles that offered minimal
protection but allowed me to see what I was doing. Big mistake. I am
optimistic that corrective surgery/laser surgery will remedy the
problem when it gets to be severe enough, but in the meantime, I am
adapting to the use of multiple optical enhancements and better

I no longer work in platinum for this reason, and urge everyone who
does to use approved eye protection or a laser welder.

David Keeling

I got my cataracts at 42 it’s called Glass Blowers Cataracts common
with people who don’t use proper safety glasses when welding,
soldering, enameling etc, it is more common if you have a history of
cataracts in the family both my parents and all my grandparents had
them. I have never left the house without sunglasses and cannot
attribute it to this. I have had both done and chose long distance,
which is better as I always wear protective glasses now anyway when


David and others with cataracts

One herbal remedy for cataracts and other eye problems such as pink
eye, especially when surgery is not yet indicated is potatoes.
Potatoes have eyes in many herbal situations the herb resembles in
some way what it is good for. You take a clean, raw potato and grate
it up peel and all. You then wet a cloth and close your eyes, apply
potato mash liberally to closed eyes and cover with wet cloth and
lay back and relax for 15 - 30 minutes. The juice of the potato has a
healing effect on the eyes and I have used it in the past for eye
irritations and pink eye (which I no longer seem to contract,
Yaaah!). I have read that it is also good for cataracts and for some
people has even help them cure their cataracts. I look at it as a
cheap but safe possibility that may help prevent the need for
surgery if used before cataracts get too severe. Hope this can help
some of the minor cataract sufferers.