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Hello everybody,

This question will be mostly to people living out of north America.
I would like to know which companies send catalogues and will ship
orders to any country. I currently have the Rio Grande set and love
them BUT there are items which they don’t carry which I would like to
find. Also which catalogue has the best jewelry related books,
something I collect eagerly. An on-line address or mailing address,
not phone number, would be of great assistance. Thank you very much
in advance. You are all wonderful and its a pleasure to read all the
messages from around the world and makes living in a small isolated
country much easier with the feeling of this “family” out there
willing to help everyone with any question.

Happy jewelling!!

Just books: ( Chester craft books)

Also a very good search site :

search by author or title if you know it but search by subject in
any other words will bring back quite a listing. This is a worldwide
used bookdealer network