Cataloging and storing first pieces

Many of the items I have been making are one-offs - I made them
either in a class or to learn a technique and as such I might never
make another one.

I do document how I made it.


I am curious to know how others catalog and store your special
pieces. oh, and do you consider these pieces your “portfolio”

laurie k
Adventures of An Aspiring Silversmith -

Well, right now mine are piled in a drawer waiting to be organized
so I look forward to the suggestions you receive.

As for putting them in my portfolio, I would be cautious. If it was
something made in class I would go ahead if you’re presenting them
as examples of what you can do, but would hesitate to show them as
examples of my design ability or what I am willing to duplicate for
sale. That’s because in many classes what is produced is a copy, as
exact as possible, of the instructor’s example. It’s THEIR design,
and without express permission it’s not fair to copy their work.

On the other hand, if what you made is in the spirit of, or using
the technique of, but NOT a COPY, then sure, I’d go right ahead.

Mary Partlan
White Branch Designs