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Castings with pin-holes!

I had some serious & specially created.925 silver castings done, some of the rings were like sieves…holes galore. As they were to be used for my sample line of jewellery. I gave an email notice to my new caster that I will not tolerate pinholes when I need a specially made ring.
I will still use the old caster as a backup, for my teaching demo-rings! All of my silver is fresh & not recycled If I need 2-300 rings cast, I will not allow 25% anything to be scrapped prior to being finished! As the old adage is …“There are more fish in the sea”. Here in Toronto there are in excess of 12 casting houses & all looking for business. If one company messes me around…“Bye-bye!. Have a good life!”…Gerry Lewy!

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Sounds like they are burning the metal when melting.
I hate pits.

If he can’t cast my s/s , then others will.
My s/s has to be in excess of .925, the new caster can give me .965, why? If my rings are examined, they must be well over the .925 designation. “TheShoppingNewtwork” occasionally spot checks the metal being offered for sale! I’ll give him enough pure grain to make :100: rings. Even if the metal is alloyed down, I’m still safe.:wink:
Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!