Casting with a Powder

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Can anyone till me what kind of Powder is used in this casting process.
I’ve seen casting sand but how is this done.

Are you sure that it isn’t lost wax casting investment?..Rob

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Thank you @rmeixner

I’ll be honest. I have no idea? What’s confusing to me is that a wax model goes in the mold form, powder is packed in (maybe investment powder) around the model and a metal rod to create a sprue, but there doesn’t appear to be any burnout to remove the wax. None of this makes any sense to me. I’ve never heard of pouring molten metal into unhardened investment powder directly onto wax.

Wherever you found this there must be more info. For instance, there’s no image that shows what happened. We don’t know if it was a successful casting or not?

At first, I thought it was similar to Ashanti Casting, which is similar to Ceramic Shell casting that sculptors use. I don’t know. You’ve got me stumped!



Here is a pic of the finish piece.


That’s impressive detail! Do you have any other clues of how the process works? Somehow the wax model has to go away before molten metal can go in. I’m still not seeing how it can work.

There’s different sand casting techniques, but something common with all of them is that a shape is carved into the sand or a model forms a shape in the sand and then is removed before molten metal is poured in.

What you showed doesn’t show anyway that the model is removed from the mold.

Can you share a link from where you’re seeing this process? I’m still stumped.




I’m probably one of five people on the planet who’s not on instagram and can’t see the video. I’ll get one of my co-workers to log in later. Until then, maybe others can check this video out and give you advice.


I watched the video and was rather gob smacked. It appeared (there were no further details to give confidence) that the inner part of the powdery tomb was still powdery after the end of the process; and the emission of gases when metal was poured in suggested that the original was still in there and vaporised.

If I get time, I’ll watch his other videos at Đoàn Thao Jewelry 💎 (@doan_thao_jewelry) • Instagram photos and videos

A belt buckle cast “in solid silver” using the same process. Unfortunately, the legends that appear atop the video are also in Vietnamese :frowning:

A co-worker looked up this video today and we watched it together. This is a total mystery. The wax goes into this mysterious powder. Molten metal goes down the hole and a perfect cast object gets dug out. I have absolutely no idea how this can work? It’s got to be something really simple, but it makes no sense to me.


I remember from over sixty years ago, as a teenager, I used to watch molten iron poured into sand casting moulds. The masters had been made of foam (I assume polystyrene) and left in place, they burned out under the heat of the incoming molten iron. However the process produced a very rough finish, suitable for casting blocks for bench vices etc.


Wow! The detail is incredible. All i can think is he mast be packing that powder tight! It still makes no sense. I hate when they wont share TECHNIQUES LOL