Casting white gold and soldering

Casting white gold and soldering on an 18KY bezel and granules

Hello, I have a ring design that I usually make using cast Argentium
for the shank and 18K yellow bezel and granulation soldered on after
casting. I have a customer requesting it in either 14K or 18K white
gold with the 18K yellow bezel and granulation. I have never tried
casting white gold before but I have cast 18K yellow and lots of
Argentium. So my questionis are there any quirks regarding casting
in white gold, and which alloy is best for soldering on an 18K bezel
and granules. For this design I soldertwo large granules on either
side of the stone, the way this design is it isn’t necessary to fuse
like traditional granulation. I have learned the hard way not to
solder 14K and Argentium together, having watched my 14K literally
dissappear into the silver. I’d rather not repeat that with white
andyellow gold. Thanks for any advice, Douglas