Casting torch upgrade advice needed

I’m currently using an air/acetylene torch for all my soldering and
casting. It works great for the soldering, and ok for the casting,
as long as the casting is less than an ounce. I’m needing to cast
larger quantities than that, so I’m looking at my options.

I’ve seen a few systems from various jewelry tool suppliers. I’ve
also seen much less expensive oxy/acetylene welding/cutting setups
from non jewelry tool importers for much less money.

My tool budget is a bit thin, so I’d like to buy as inexpensive a
setup as I can. But I’d rather spend more than I want, then buy
something that does not work.

Any suggestions?


HI Jeff, Go to your local welding supply store where you get your
oxy and other gases. See if they carry Victor torches. If they don’t
have them in stock see if they have a Victor catalogue. Look at the
J-100 model. I bought mine 25 years ago as a kit with a cutting
attachment (which I do use occasionally). It comes with a six hole
rosebud tip that can be replaced as needed. You can get tips for
acetylene or propane. All the Victor parts are replaceable, the
balance is great and it’s just the right weight. John, J.A.Henkel
Co., Inc., Moldmaking Casting Finishing, Producing Solutions For
Jewelry Artists.