Casting torch and Little Torch

Dear Will, I use a Little Torch for most of my bench work, and
another torch designed for casting, which I "Y"ed into the line
coming out of my regulators. I have flashback arrestors between the
regulators and the “Y”. This works very well for me. I just shut off
one torch or the other, and adjust the pressure as needed. My propane
is piped in from our outside tank that we use to heat the house and
studio. There is a turn off lever valve right next to my bench. The
casting torch is equipped with a lever that turns both gasses on and
off together after their levels are set, which is handy for keeping
the gas mix the same as I cast one flask after another, turning the
torch on and off repeatedly. The casting torch is made by Harris. I
don’t remember where I bought it. I tried the multiple-orifice Little
Torch tip, but this works better for me. I hope this helps!

M’lou Brubaker