Casting titanium

David, the only person I know that can cast titanium is Bill Seeley
at Reactive Metals. I recall that it is a very difficult process.

Judy Hoch

Happy New Year Orchid! I was wondering if it’s possible to cast
titanium and if so… Does anyone know of somebody I could send a
wax to and have them cast it? Thanks for your help.

God Bless you

Ahhh, yes, the new vacuum casting machines can cast titanium. This
is a true vacuum not vacuum assist. We are looking into setting up
to cast for ourselves and otheres. I do not know anyone who is doing
contract work at this time. The machines are around $27,000.00. It
will be interesting to see if there are others interested in this
service. We have test pieces being cast overseas to see what the
machines are capable of. Bill

Welcome to Reactive Metals Studio, Inc. Our catalog site is Thanks for making contact. Stephanie, Bill,
Deborah, Michele. 800/876-3434, 928/634-3434, Fax 928/634-6734

Yes it is possible to cast titanium it requires special machines and
processes. Some dental labs do work in Ti also you might try TechForm 5476 SE International Way Portland, OR
97222 (503) 652-5224 FAX: (503) 652-6152

They do exotic high tech alloys for the medical field and platinum
for jewelers. I have never used them but I have heard one of the
owners speak at a couple of symposiums,; he sounds very
knowledgeable .



you should contact Jesse at Tinomics in Ft. Myers. Casting titanium
is their specialty. His phone number is 239-425-0715

Tinomics Inc.

  Offers small titanium castings services for jewelry, medical,
  consumer and aerospace markets. 

Help others make informed buying decisions with Tinomics Inc… We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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