[Casting] Those Pesky Fleas again! : )

A customer has asked me to help him with his flea problem.
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) they are not the kind that
are curable with my dogs flea powder. They are the little tiny
pieces of “schmutz” (technical term) that literally hop off the
flask when you take it out of the oven but before you pour in the

Sometimes these fleas hop down into the mold cavity where you
just know they are lying in wait to ruin the casting.

For the life of me I cannot remember how to cure this problem
altho I know I’ve seen it discussed on here before. I think I
recall it might have been a flask temperature problem or related
to a static charge of some kind? Does anyone have any ideas what
causes these “fleas” and how to get rid of them??

Thanks. Elaine

Just an extension of an idea from bee keepers who use smoke pots
to keep back bees. Give a try using smoke from joss sticks
which you can get from Chinatown or one of those trendy hippie
type outlets. Do let us know if it works.

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