Casting stones in place

Help out there!
Can anybody tell us how to cast stones in place? I
think it has alot to do with the burn out but at the moment it is
a mystery! There has got to be an easier way to cast all of those
baguette designs so as they look like most of the stuff coming
out of Thailand etc. Thank you for any info

God Bless Helen and Bo Huff @bohel

    Help out there! Can anybody tell us how to cast stones in

Hello Bo and Helen

I had the same question a year ago and received a large number of
responses. They will be in the archives at

where you can search by keyword or phrase.

Good luck,
Terry Swift

Hi there, I have done a lot of casting stones in place, as well
as bi-metal and tri-metal casting. No big deal. The wax has to be
designed, so that the investment will hold the stones, otherwise
they will be broken lose and mixed with the metal when you spin
your caster. mp

I have cast CZ in bronze with good results. The stones need to
be supported in the wax so that the stone is captured between the
invest ment from the front and back otherwise the position can be
lost in the burnout or pour. Other hard stones can be cast
including Diamond(not for me). Some stones may show color change.
The stuff I tried worked the first time. Jesse

Jess, You must have been a lot smarter than I was. On my first
try, it never occurred to me that I shouldn’t quinch after
casting. I was using a cz the color of which I didn’t like.
Well, quinching did it a favor. Cracks, crinkles, round bumps
all under the surface and a mellow color to boot. Now its a ring
holding a stone with charaacter. Since the first try I’ve had
mixed results. Are you casters using prong settings or bezels?
On one of my bezel set stones, it looked perfect until I began
cleaning it up (after the flask had cooled on its own).