Casting Stainless Steel

I would like to start making rings from old stainless steel
“silverware”. A plentiful resource.

I am familiar with casting platinum and know I can generate the heat
required to cast stainless. I also know there are some alloys that
can be purchased as raw material. I am particularly interested in
recycling the “renewable”, seemingly endless resource of used
silverware in Thrift shops, garage sales, etc.

I don’t really know much regarding the different types of stainless.
I know there are numerous stainless alloys but it seems from
preliminary research that there is a particular family of alloy used
for silverware.

A couple of questions specifically are : whether stainless steel
forks, spoons, etc. would be suitable to remelt and cast and whether
there are different types of stainless used by different silverware
manufacturers and would that be a problem.

If anyone could shed light on this and/or point me to a good (but not
too indescribably technical) site to research this - I would greatly
appreciate it.