Casting services for small orders

The more I think on this PMC wedding ring issue, the more I think
that making a prototype and having it sent out to be cast in
something more durable is best after all. I’ve looked into all the
options for making it myself and they all seem to have issues,
usually the “too soft” thing.

My problem seems to be in finding a jewelry casting service that
will handle individual orders. Most of them seem to be aimed at
customers with large orders, who are orderign more than one of the
same thing. I’ve emailed three or four companies about the ring, but
no one has replied to me so far. So I put the question here.

~ Does anyone here do metal casting for small orders - namely, a
single ring?

~ If so, will you be able to make a mold from the prototype, if I
send it to you?

~ Also, do you offer gemstone-setting services, or can you allow
for a gypsy or flush-mount setting for five stones so I can have
them mounted here?

~ What white metals do you offer that do NOT contain any nickel?

~ Can you provide a quote for the services, from wax to cast to
gem setting (if applicable) and the costs for the materials? I
know he would prefer silver, but if you offer white metals that
are nickel-free and more durable, I’d like prices for those
metals as well.

If anyone can heme out with this, or at least provide a viable
company for me to look into, I would REALLY appreciate it.

I’ve been using Larry Paul Casting in Philadelphia for many years,
and I’ve been totally happy with them. They will do individual
pieces and make molds, and if you tell them what you need, they can
allow for set stones etc.

email: Lpaul at aol dot com

740 Sansom St Ste 410
Philadelphia, PA,
Phone: 215-928-1644
Fax: 215-574-1943

Janet Kofoed

try Roni Casting in manhattan

I am sure that a gazillion people are going to say this before
me…but you should try Daniel Grandi of RaceCar Jewelry. If/when I
can’t cast it, he does…and he does a fabulous job at it. They do
one-offs or bulk - your choice. Above that, Daniel has really helped
me come along as a wax carver by explaining to me what happens along
the way and what I needed to do to ensure a good cast. His front
desk guy, Karan is awesome too.


Hi, Kennedi,

About three people have recommended RaceCar Jewelry. I have emailed
him and he has yet to get in touch with me. Thanks for the


Hi Sarah,

About three people have recommended RaceCar Jewelry. I have
emailed him and he has yet to get in touch with me. 

Daniel was in Tucson for the show. He went back home late Mon. He’ll
probably be replying within the week.