Casting service recommendations

Hello Everyone, I thought I recently saw a similar post from
someone looking for casting service recommendations, but I must
have missed the responses. I too am looking for recommendations. I
would like to contact 2–3 places and see how it works and what the
costs are so any feedback would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

Grace in Cleveland (very snowy and sooooo cold!!)

Grace, We have a caster here in Clarkdale, Az that comes very highly
recommended. He is known in our catalog for the “Impressions” line
of cast textured panels. If you will email me your phone number and
other contact I will make the connection for you. I
can’t put it on the net. Bill

Welcome to Reactive Metals Studio, Inc. Our catalog site is Thanks for making contact. Stephanie, Bill,
Deborah, Michele. 800/876-3434, 928/634-3434, Fax 928/634-6734

Would anyone please recommend a shop in Florida or in the rest of
the Continental states that is reasonable for small casting jobs? I
am at the hobby level and normally steam cast my own but I have a
highly detailed model that Iwant to take to the next level. I would
like to see how much better a proper casting set up and skills could
improve my models. I’m talking about small items like rings, not
bronze statues.

What could I expect to pay in labor, not metal cost for a shop to
cast one ring model?

Rick Powell

Hi Rick,

I just had some very small pieces cast for my Metal Arts Class.
received them today in fact. I had a ring band cast in silver, and
some small things that will be attached to rings cast in brass. I
sent my wax in USPS overnight on Monday, and my pieces were cast and
back at my door this morning(Friday). The price, I thought was a
reasonable, however I did not realize that it could have been even
more reasonable. They automatically add an extra insurance that cost
more than the casting itself, and I didn’t know that. If you don’t
want that then you have to state so in your order, but like I said
until I actually saw that it was charged, I thought it was a
reasonable price. You can also have them remove the sprues and
tumble your pieces for a few dollars, but I need practice doing that
on my own. My castings look really nice. They look like the wax I
sent. I don’t see that any place else could have done a better job.
I am happy. Especially with the speed in which it was all done.

I had no choice but to send my work off, as the resources for a
jewelry designer or any artist really, where I live, are none
existent. The place is called Billanti Casting Co., Inc. and they
are in New York.

Just thought wanted to try to help. I hope you find what you need. I
know how frustrating the search for these things can be as I just
went through itmyself. Good Luck!

Shae O’Neill :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help everyone. Race car jewelry up in Rhode island
seems like the perfect place for helping people make their molds or
casts. I will try them this summer.

Rick Powell

Associated Jewelry
36 N. E. 1st Street
Room 309
Miami, FL. 33132

Approx. $2.00 - $5.00 per item (Casting Labour)


Dan Grandi in Rhode Island. I live in MA and he does work and mails
it to me. He teaches casting at MetalWerx in Waltham, MA. He is very
reasonable, a very cool guy who plays guitar in a local band.

Best, MA

I totally agree, Daniel Grandi and Racecar jewelry Rhode Island.
Dependable, ethical, knowledgable.


You might try Stuller Cam Services,

Andy The Tool Guy