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Casting Problem on Large carved buckle sterling silver (blister?)

@ Franz
Thanks! I will look into that investment brand.

@ Sunny
Very good approach to testing. Going to try and do some test that way looking at 1 main variable at a time.

@ Ron
Makes a lot of sense. I was thinking the same thing… that while it is a large buckle it is still only around 2 mm in most areas so makes sense it needs that higher temp to keep it from cooling too soon. One of my next few test will be on raising my metal temp a little and seeing how things go. With this raise i will adjust flask temps somewhat also. We shall see.


I may be able to help but I have a few questions first.
What kind of investment are you using? I didn’t see that in the post…
What is your water to powder ratio, didn’t see that either?
Describe your investment mixing procedure, especially the time…
How much time after investing did you allow the flask to bench rest before putting it into the oven?

I see your burnout schedule and I see the defects but these other bits of information will help drill down to the root.