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Casting manufacturing question

Hi everyone, I have a help question. I’m working with a firm who is
opening a couple of new galleries and for promotional material we are
looking for someone to make little tags which will hang off of beaded
bracelets, the bracelets are decorative additions to a line of bath
products. You’ve seen such silver tags with different names and
sayings printed on them., we too will need names one these tags. I’m
sure casting would be the way to go, I tried a sample using the
hydraulic press, the metal is too thin for a good look. Anyone out
there know of a manufacture/casting firm that does such an item? I
sure do appreciate any ideas.

Most of the tags that you are speaking of that I have seen are
plastic not metal. Arch Crown has an extensive line of such tags.
Thier URL is :

Good luck
Larry Seiger

Thanks everyone, we did find someone to make our tags! You may see
this tag request listed twice, sorry about that, I didn’t think the
first message went through. I sure am glad to have such a group to go to for help.

Hi , There is a company called Tercat in Providence Rhode Island
(401) 421 3371. They make metal tags for the jewelry, clothing,
accessory and handbag industry. They have many different styles and
make custom shapes and imprints. I hope this helps,


Hi Diane, I do castings of metal tags for Some of my customers,
However , if you are looking for light weight pieces that are very
inexpensive due to volume(1000 + pcs)A good stamping company can make
them very inexpensively. Please call me if you would like to discuss
it or need some advice (I can also do contract stamping)

Daniel Grandi
Racecar Jewelry Co.
Tel: 401-461-7803 eastern standard time from 9: am to 5:30 pm

Diane, my suggestion it to use a drop out acid etch process. That
will etch the name or saying on the metal and cut it out as well.
This is a process best done commercially - at least I don’t want hot
acid under pressure in my studio. You can pretty much specify any
gauge metal, and silver and brass seem to cut the same. The folks
that do this stuff are mostly in Rhode Island. You can do your own
mass finishing or use some of the very good contract people in RI as

Judy Hoch