Casting machines

I’m looking for some help on buying a casting machine. I’ve been
looking at the two machines that Rio Grand offers and am wandering
if there are other manufacturers of casting machines. I only have
one source for tools and equipment, good old RG. mabey if some one
out there could help me find other sources I could really get
confused as to what I wanted or could aford. I truly would
appreciate any help.

Hi Larry, Try Romanoff at 800-221-7448 and Gesswein at
800-243-4466, or e-mail me off line about the used equipment I have
for sale. J.A.

In reply to the other sources, did you mean other sources of
casting equipment or other methods? I may be a little confused, but
if you were referring to other sources for methods, try Tim
McCreight’s The Complete Metalsmith and Practical Casting. There
has also been quite a few threads on this available in the
archives. Hope this helps,Terry Midwest America

Larry: you may want to give Kingsley North, Inc. a call. They
are located in Norway Michigan and their toll free number is
1-800-338-9280. It you are out of area you can reach them at
906-563-9228. Their fax number is 906-563-7143.

Baltimore MD