Casting Machine

To all fellow Orchid members, I suddenly find myself in a
"pickel" and need some help from my friends out in Orchid land.
My Jelrus J-100 casting machine broke down on me the end of last
week. Not the first time, for sure, but the difference this time
is that my regular supplier of rebuilt muffel units is out, and
said it may be 45 days before any are available. I’m a small
caster, but need to produce pieces at least weekly. My
questions aRe: #1- Does anyone have any equipment for this
machine and would be willing to sell same? Even interested in a
complete used machine if available. #2- Does anyone know of a
repair facility that offers rebuilt muffel units for this
machine, other than Rommanoff? #3- Does anyone out there have a
complete casting machine available for sale, such as a vacuum
machine? Please email me off-Orchid so as not to tie up this
forum. Thank you all for any you may have. Mike