Casting machine raffle update

Dear All - Today (June 10th) we have sold 186 tickets out of 200 for
the casting machine!

There are only 14 tickets left to have a chance at this amazing
bargain and opportunity to help Orchid. If you are just now sending
me a check at

Patania's Orchid, 
3000 E. Broadway,
Tucson AZ 85716 

or through PayPal direct to Hanuman,

please indicate if you are willing to donate the money or not to
Orchid if you happen to be too late to get in on this terrific gift
from Rio Grande. Only 14 tickets and 20 more days in June left and
we Orchidians, as always, will be a huge success. Many, many thanks
for your patience with my pleas but we all know what a beneficial
cause this is to all of us. Pat Kulla @ Patania’s