Casting machine for production

Just a post here to see who does a lot of casting and what machine
they would recommend for production.

Does not necessarily have to cast platinum but that is a plus. I
know the Yasui is a good machine but let’s talk about bang for the

thanks for your input.

I would check with someone like Rio Grande or Stuller Settings Who
cast thousands of pieces a day and see what they are using. There
are a lot of things to consider. platinum…centrifugal casting
machine is the best way to go. silver and gold. vacuum casting is
the best. From my experience and knowledge. I cast 10-12 flasks
4"x7" a day on my home made vacuum casting machine.

Neutec for sure have used these machines for the last 15 years maybe
more started with a J5 then JZ now have a JZ2 vacuum with POV and A
515 pressure caster Manfredi centrifugal for Pt and Pd Started with a
gas touch and electric clutch centrifuge 1986 lol

I would suggest you look at the RDO Easy Cast machine which is
carried by Stuller. It does all metals… if you need any
let me know

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Stuller Inc.

I’m not sure what you mean by “production”, Russ. If you mean 20 or
30 pieces a week, maybe even up to a couple hundred, a sling caster
like the Neycraft or the one sold by Lucas Dental would be ideal. I
use my Neycraft for platinum as well as silver and gold and it works
just fine. It has done so for decades with no more maintenance than
replacing the spring every five years or so. For a few years, I used
it for sometimes a hundred or more castings a week, so I know it’s up
to the task. It’ll definitely handle all a busy four or five person
trade shop can throw at it. If it’s just you and a buddy, you’ll
never even get close to maxing it out. Bang for the buck, you can’t
beat either one.

On the other hand, if by “production” you mean you’re going to be
consistently throwing more than a couple hundred pieces a week, skip
the small stuff. An inert gas induction casting machine would
probably be the ticket. If you have any plans to take on palladium,
it’s really your only choice.

Dave Phelps

1000 rings in 20 days. probably any one of these would work. It will
be going to Ghana, Africa so might be some international shipping

Hello Russ and all Orchid Members. I couldn’t help notice the recent
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Hello Russ,

if a lot of casting in your terms is 1kg of gold or more per cast
then your best choice would be a professional casting company. If you
think in quantities up to 300g gold or 100g platinum per cast then
our A4 size compact centrifugal casting machine might be the right
choice. There’s a video of this unit in action on YouTube or our
website. All orchidians may put hands on this unit and participate of
show specials at our booth # B6369 at JCK Las Vegas next week.

Sandor Cser


the TI research is the best casting machine for around 300 grs of
gold. absence of turbulence ialso give casting result much better
result than any much more expensive induction casting machine, we use
it for 7 years and very satisfied with it.


To all the casters out there:

I have to add a comment on this topic. I just purchased the most
recent Lucas Centrifugal Casting Machine with the quick release lever
about one year ago.

This is the best unit out there. I would never use or purchase any
other unit. It is made in the USA.

I purchased my first Lucas spin casting machine in 1975. This is
without a doubt the VERY BEST design in a spin casting machine.

The only major change in this unit is an easy to replace inner
spring and the quick release lever.

The quick release make you casting as porosity free as possible if
you know how to melt metal.

The machine is almost indestructible and what I consider an industry
standard going on fifty years.

One of the great new features of the machine is the quick release
handle which not only delivers you metal instantly into the flask,
but it make the casting process safer with your hand release away
from the spinning casting arm.

This is one of the main reasons I can cast porosity free. I
regularly cast gold, silver, bronze, brass, nickel, model alloy and
stainless steel with this unit.

Kind Regards,
Todd Hawkinson