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Casting lettering trim


I would like some advice on the best way to cast a piece. The piece
is similar to the lettering trim on the side of a car, all lettering
connected by a common horizontal base piece, measuring about 2" x
15". I’m making the master, but need to have about 100 pieces cast
in a metal that can be chrome plated. I usually do lost wax casting
with a vacuum caster, but this is too large. Sand casting won’t
give me the detail. I would welcome suggestions on other methods
that would work and be cost effective. Thanks!!!

Andrea Carnahan


Andrea: Look in the phone book or on line for any Foundry, you may
get lucky and find one that does art casting as in statues, Silicon
Bronze will take Chrome or just about any other plating you need. If
doing an online search google up art foundry.