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Casting lace

I haven’t followed the whole thread, so forgive me if someone has
mentioned this before. The best stiffener I have found for lace is
spray paint, which is a great way to use up left over cans. White
works best to show even coverage, if you have it. Simply suspend the
lace from the inside of a cardboard box for a throwaway spray booth
and spray lightly. Several coats are needed, letting each coat dry
thoroughly. Sprue up, and cast as usual.

Peggy K.

Thanks everyone. I’m not casting it myself unfortunately, but I’m
working closely with a local casting company. Just got the call today
that the experiments turned out well, and I’ll make sure to update as
soon as I see the samples and see what got the best results.

You all had awesome suggestions that I’ll definitely use for any
other delicate castings in the future.