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Casting in Toronto?

I am currently looking for a new company that does casting in
silver, all karats of gold and platinum. I am in Bracebridge, Ontario
Canada. Does anyone have any good recommendations, probably in
Toronto or surrounding area. I will look forward to the response.

Thank you and take care, Paul Le May.

Hi Paul,

I grew up in Dorset, ON, very near Bracebridge :slight_smile: I don’t get a lot
of stuff cast, but I’ve had good experiences at Golden Casting in
the big jewellery building at 21 Dundas. I’ve found them to be very
honest and their work to be very good. I’ve also had great
experiences with Procast, in the same building, but that was a few
years ago–they made excellent molds and made some great casts out
of some challenging pieces.

But one day I’d wanted to drop something off there and they happened
to be closed so I tried Golden and have stayed with them since.

Hope that’s helpful.
Best regards,
Caroline (Port Hope, ON)