Casting in Philadelphia

I must put in a good word here for Larry Paul, a Philadelphia caster
and Orchid member. I’ve been using him for my castings for over
twenty years, and during that time I’ve handed him some extremely
difficult projects, and he’s always done a wonderful job. If I have
any questions or specific problems with a piece, they’ll work around
them. There have been times when I’ve arrived in their shop to find
something delicate has been jostled in transit, and they let me go in
the back and work on it.

Anybody, especially in the Philadelphia area, would be well advised
to use him.

His number is 215-928-1644.

Janet Kofoed

Larry Paul did an excellent job on a set of solid 18k Monopoly
pieces I did for myself a couple years ago. I had them all cast at
one time so that I would get a good color match between them all.
Very intricate details in the waxes came out perfectly. No porosity.
And all done in a very timely manner.Ed

I must also applaud Larry Paul Casting for their fine castings and
guidance over the past 25+ years. Larry has enthusiastically cast
some very large and complex objects for me, while other local
casters had passed on the challenge. I have tired two other casters
during the past 10 years, looking to save a bit of $. I did save $,
but bought headaches in the form of porosity and cracked castings
that needed to be returned or repaired. I have happily stuck with
Larry since those ‘experiments’. Margery F. Cooper, Jewelry and
Judaica @Margery_F_Cooper

Larry Paul was the first caster I ever used ( 79’ ) he was also the
only caster I used for platinum. Great operation, great people and
exemplary work. Been doing my own since 97 in FL.

Jim Mannella